Artist of the Week: LOL Boys

LOL Boys are Markus Garcia from Montreal and Jerome Potter from Los Angeles. I first came into contact with LOL Boys via Elite Gymnastics’ “ruin 3” EP, the first remix EP out of their “ruin” EP series. Their remix called “m i n n e a p o l i s b e l o n g s t o y o u 3” caught my ear, with its driving drum and bass pattern so elegantly put under the ambient sounds, not over it. As the rest of this EP – which will have to be written about here on another occasion – it perfectly picked up Elite Gymnastics droned out spirit and made something own out of it.

It is the wake of a new ravey sound coming from Acephalé Records and other small electronic labels like Friends of Friends, it seems. This sonic movement will take the often embarrassing nineties sound and make something awesome out of it. And that is definitely something to look forward to, by LOL Boys or others. This is an example of that sound.

LOL Boys apparently met over the internet in 2009, on a message board of some sort, if xlr8r can be trusted. Xlr8r were the first to give them some attention, too. They are bound to drop their new EP “Changes” on Friends of Friends, scheduled for July 17th. Listen to the first great track off that EP below. The guys give Angelina Lucero’s vocals a nice twist at the end of every other line, love it.


One comment on “Artist of the Week: LOL Boys

  1. Qbertplaya says:

    Looking forward to your posts! I've bookmarked this. =)

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