Track Love: Valentin Stip "Hiathaikm"

I can easily see why Valentin Stip got signed by Nicolas Jaar’s label “Clown & Sunset”. His songs have the same nostalgic, next to analogue feeling as those of his boss. French born Montreal resident Stip published his first EP “Anytime will do” last year and has been touring with Jaar.

“Hiathaikm” was released on “The Prism” this year, a small metal cube that features most of Clown & Sunset’s artists and made quite a splash when it dropped, because of its eccentric form. Jaar says on the release notes that “the prism tries to restore physicality to the listening experience.” And just like that cube, Stip’s track has a lot of texture, with the piano, strings, claps and chopped up vocal samples carefully arranged around a downtempo beat. I bet it is a unique experience listening to it on headphones connected to the twin outlets on the cube. Else, try the link below.


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