Best Remix: How To Dress Well "Suicide Dream 2"

Although not new, I want to present the outstanding track from last years How To Dress Well’s debut LP “Love Remains” and the even better remix work that has been done to it since. Tom Krells aerial RnB vocals superbly carry the experimental, lo-fi original track, while the melody is toned down and more of a background against which the voice can echo.

With Holy Other another one of last years droned-out style newcomers did a great remix of this. The track starts off where Krell left it, ambient and light. But after a minute or so a laid back rhythm sets in and – knowing the original – you get taken by surprise at how much “body” the track gets with that. Even Krells vocals seem more steady and grounded by just that change in instrumentation. When later the pitch picks up and a piano line appeares, the song gets a nearly upbeat feel.

Albeit, the best remix of this track (and one of the best songs of 2011, if you ask me) is the “baptism” Elite Gymnastics put to it. Here the beat sets in even before Krell’s vocals and the steady bloopy undercurrent is the perfect preparation for Elite Gymnastics’ trademark and greatest contribution to the track: The 90ies rave pattern that dominates the rest of the remix. It takes some guts and some imagination to pull this off, to change the original this much and still keep its spirit – the void and desperation – intact. This remix lets you feel that raving always was an act of desperation and overcompensation, too shrill and full of drug induced ecstasy to be sustainable.


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