Artist of the Week: Goldroom

“Goldroom” is LA musician Josh Legg. I say musician, because he would describe himself in that way, even though he is touring as a DJ and puts out orignal tracks and remixes that would most accurately be described as “disco”. Maybe even daytime disco, as the fellow LA duo Poolside call their musical style: Light synths layered over even lighter beats over the lightest vocals. Although he hasn’t put out music for much more than a year, he recently hit his millionth listen on soundcloud, which is pretty impressive. The most hits got his smooth “Fifteen”, being featured on Pitchfork, The Fader and even MTV. (Hehe.)

Just so you know where he hails from: Josh Legg was formerly part of the synthpop trio Night Waves, names Tom Petty and 80ies pop music as his biggest influences and said in an interview with Bouncebug: “You’re not going to hear any wobbles from Goldroom.” This solo-project of his started off with a song called “Morgan’s Bay”.

Since then, he has gained some major traction and remixed some great artists like Gigamesh, Penguin Prison or aforementioned Poolside. He did his best work on “Mother Protect” by Niki & The Dove though – maybe because Malin Dahlström’s voice is a bit harder than the other vocalists he was confronted with or worked for so far, and it has driven him to give this remix a heavier beat. It is still on the pop side of dance, mind you. Listen and enjoy.


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