Artist of the Week: XXYYXX

XXYYXX aka Marcel Everett is at the forefront of electronic music right now. That front is somewhere between instrumental hip hop, post-dubstep, chillwave and experimental RnB. Would he throw some retro-rave in the mix, the world would end by cause of contemporaryness. In an interview he himself described his music as “experimental bass”, which is as good a label as any, if you need to assign one. And his tracks are heavy on the bass for sure, while usually featuring samples of distorted vocals and innovative beat patterns.

The future belongs to the youth, and XXYYXX is very young. Turning 17 in a few months, he still lives with his parents in Orlando, FL, goes to highschool and at the same time plays shows in New York or Europe. All that while having put out an EP, an LP and a number of single tracks already, preparing to release another album soon. You can get those at his bandcamp page. He is making music under this moniker since he is 15, which is like… one year now, ha! Oh, and the video for “About You” has hit 500k views on Youtube recently.

So XXYYXX is on the rise. He is doing some shows in Europe with Charlie Yin aka Giraffage in September, after having put out a fantastic collab track with him. “Even Though” was released on an EP of that same name, together with a couple of great remixes by Teen Daze, Slow Magic and others. I still like the original the best, though. So watch out for this young one, he has some great tunes to give to the world.


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