Track Love: Glass Candy "Warm in the Winter"

In this column we write about songs we love, and sadly, most love is unrequited – in life as well as in music. But on rare occasions someone or something loves you right back. Glass Candy’s “Warm in the Winter” is such a thing, with its ambient synths embracing you and Ida No’s voice taking you by the hand. It leads you up to a medium pitched italo-disco beat that easily puts you into an euphoric “just fell in love” mood.

Aside from singer Ida No, Glass Candy is producer Johnny Jewel, better known for his band Chromatics and for being the co-founder of the New York DIY-label Italians Do It Better. “Warm in the Winter” was put on Soundcloud last year, but it will soon show up again on the awesome-looking label compilation “After Dark II”. Listen to the track below, and remember: “I love you. We love you.” And hey GvB, we love you too.


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