Track Love: Cosmonaut Grechko "Only Friends"

Here comes the disillusionment after yesterday’s love track. Cosmonaut Grechko masterfully builds this rework of the English version of Francoise Hardy’s “Ton meilleur ami” from 1964 on some soft synths and a hint of a beat. It is as carefully crafted as Hardy’s voice and as the sad-languish lyrics demand – but the repeated “dance” that the song lingers on is like the last drunken slowdance at a party to me: The fun and the illusion of closeness are already breaking apart, leaving behind a broken heart.

“Cosmonaut Grechko” is the moniker of the young Russian DJ Victor Klyuchnikov, known for his disco remixes of Ellie Goulding, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Metric. He put out a solid dance EP last year, called “Alaska 2100”. Listen to it on his Soundcloud, it will pick you up again.


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