Best Remix: Hot Chip "Look At Where We Are"

Hot Chip put out a new album this year, and although Larry Fitzmaurice wrote a glowing review about it on Pitchfork and the hit single “Flutes” gets a lot of time on the air, the album somehow passed me by. Bands have their time and then it’s over, and I am not sure if Hot Chip are still as hot as they used to be. There is a three album rule I feel applies to most great bands: The raw newcomer album, the sophomore album, and the one where it already goes a bit downhill and they start to live off past innovations. Don’t get me wrong, Hot Chip are still producing good music, but they aren’t on the forefront of musical developments anymore. The phrase “Look At Where We Are” states this quite nicely, and pours it in a mellow, saturated pop ballad.

The remix by Major Lazer seems to make some kind of mockery of the song by taking the ballad and dipping it in US dubstep elements. It seems to say: “Hot Chip, look at where we are at!” Whatever you may think of the “brostep” style with it’s super heavy bass, its alarm(ing) sounds and vocal distortions, it can be quite liberating in its non-compromising attitude. And this track needed some liberating to be done. But as I said, it was only dipped and is therefore only slightly coated with dubstep, so don’t be afraid of the “WUB”. Major Lazer is Diplo’s side project and features Jamaican Dancehall tunes with a fantastic comic backstory of some Jamaican born, biotechnologically enhanced Soldier with a laser prosthesis instead on an arm… Um, anyway, listen to the great remix on Youtube below, or on The Hype Machine if one of the videos is blocked in your country.


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