Artist of the Week: Teengirl Fantasy

I have been listening to a lot of Teengirl Fantasy and reading up on these guys after seeing them live at their only gig in Germany in Berlin last weekend. Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss apparently met in college and are now living in NYC, after spending some time in Amsterdam.  The name of the band was initially chosen as a boy band joke they now can’t get rid of anymore, as they said recently. There even is an old website of theirs still online, styled as a teenage girl’s fantasy. Their music could be and sometimes is described as “dream house”, with mellow synths over a light bass. They put out a critically acclaimed LP called “7am” on True Panther in 2010, named after the hour they thought their music was best played in clubs. They got some praise for their early remix work as well. Those remixes are rather hard to track down now as most of them were never put out officially, but more of a hobby of theirs. One is still available over at Stereogum.

Teenage Fantasy mostly used vocal samples so far, but will be collaborating with some great artists like Panda Bear and Laurel Halo on their upcoming new LP Tracer, due August 21st on R&S/True Panther. The first song from this album is an instrumental piece though, rumored to not fully reflect the new sparkling and upbeat way they are going. I can tell you from first hand experience that the new dancey material works great in a live setting and it was far off 7 am when they played it. You can be sure to find a review of Tracer on here once I get my hands on it.


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