Music Video Game: Chromatics "Geometry of Love"

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but there is a new kid in town. It is the music video game! To be honest, the genre isn’t new at all, seeing as Peter Gabriel merged music, video and game mechanics in his XPLORA1 (1993) and EVE (1996) interactive music games back in the day. But those were far ahead of their time, did cost a lotta dollas to make (and to buy) and were quite isolated incidents. These days, the technology to make small browser games with a limited budget helps to bring those ideas back, and so more and more bands use the help of game designers to enhance the way their music is experienced. I can’t help but to think that this is an awesome development, bringing together two of my favorite things in the world, music and video games. If this sticks – and I am quite sure it will – we will see some horrible abominations of this genre too.

But for now, let’s enjoy one of the best things I have seen lately. “Geometry of Love” is a video game based on the track “Lady” by Chromatics, to be found on their album-of-the-year contender “Kill for Love”. It was designed by Ivan Safrin, an interactive media artist who has been making visuals for music videos before and did a great job on this simple collect and avoid game. You move a body through a simulated three dimensional space, and it turns and dances beautifully while you control it on one axis only. The game does not ask too much of the player, so he can enjoy the music too while playing the game. It is hosted over at Pitchfork’s Kill Screen section, which is worth checking out anyway, as there are other music games, nice reviews and general thoughts on computer game developments to discover.

On a personal note, if you know of other instances of innovative connections of music, video and games, please let me know in the comment section or write an e-mail to me as I am currently looking for ideas on a special exhibition on this topic over at the Computer Game Museum here in Berlin. Thank you very much! Oh, and if you aren’t into gaming and just want to enjoy the track, here it is.


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