Mixtape Love: LOL Boys "Fader Mix"

LOL Boys are one of my favorite new discoveries this year, as can be read in my first post on this blog not too long ago. So I was looking forward to posting a “First Listen” review of their new Changes EP on Friends of Friendshere. But when it finally arrived two weeks ago, I was somehow disappointed by it – without being able to put my finger on why, though. The songs were enjoyable, diverse and kind of beautiful. So why did they not fascinate me in the way LOL Boys’ remixes and other tracks did?

In an interview Markus Garcia and Jerome Potter gave to The Fader this week to accompany a mix they made for them, i found that they themselves answered my question. “Well, on this EP we got to work with vocalists. So, given that opportunity, we challenged ourselves to make ‘songs’, as opposed to making ‘tracks.'” This was exactly why the EP didn’t stick: It is not as in the nexus of pop culture as is the rest of LOL Boys work, but is a standalone work and therefore lost the biggest asset the guys normally bring to the table: the references and in-flux character of their tracks.

Fortunately, they now made this mixtape for The Fader and got back to producing the “LOL” moments I love them for. So instead of listening to the EP, I recommend giving this mix a listen. It is a funny but great combination of pop songs remixed to be chill house tracks, and that works exceptionally well. Don’t be weirded out by some of the artists on the tracklist, but be intriuged. LOL Boys manage to give each song a special twist and let the mix flow smoothly through the 38 minutes of playtime.

1. Lil Wayne – Nightmares of the Bottom
2. Cloud – Turning
3. Avicii – Levels
4. John Legend – Tonight
5. Radiohead – Talk Show Host
6. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night
7. Christina Milian – Chameleon
8. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
9. Kanye West – Mercy
10. Jeremih – Keep It Moving
11. Kreayshawn – Summertime
12. R . Kelly & Jeremih – Misunderstood
13. Basement Jaxx – Romeo (Acoustic Version)


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