Track Love: Mind Enterprises "Sister"

Ah, the internet. It is a great place to discover new music, or to publish it. Or for it to never fully disappear again, as is the case with Mind Enterprise’s first two EPs “Too High” and “Dull Days”. Apparently, Mind Enterprises is Italian musician Andrea Tirone, (ex?)guitarist of the band DID and active as a solo artist since 2010. He seems to be in his thirties and living in London now. All those informations are without warranty though, as his Myspace page is empty, his Bandcamp releases are deleted and his Youtube channel inactive. But the blogosphere does not forget, and so the his tracks are still out there.

But Tirone isn’t inactive, as there was a new track uploaded on his new soundcloud account last month. “Sister” is a beautiful electronic chill track with lush vocals and a poignant guitar over a steady beat. Enriched with some handclaps at the beginning and a warm bass in the second half, it is a delicate thing from a skilled producer to come. I will keep him on my radar, as should you.


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