First Listen: Taragana Pyjarama "Tipped Bowls"

Yeah, I am late to the party this time. Though our category is called “First Listen”, I am reviewing an album that is actually out for more than a month now. But I just discovered it and so it is my first listen, and maybe it is yours too. And to be honest, it is too good to be discarded on a technicality. “Tipped Bowls” is the debut album of Danish producer Nick Eriksen aka “Taragana Pyjarama”, put out on Kompakt on June 18th. He previously made music under the moniker “Eim Ick”, but changed it, to go along with a shift in style recently. He has put out an EP under the new name on the french label Fool House in 2011, but this is his first full length effort.

As I am so late, I can fullhandedly draw from the reviews before me, agreeing with XLR8R and Pitchfork to locate Taragana Pyjarama’s sound somewhere between one of his biggest idols – Four Tet – and one of his labelmates – The Field. He takes the playfullness and warmth of Four Tet’s tracks and pours them over the rigid and haunting soundscapes that make The Field’s tracks such hypnotizing trips. There is some chillwave here, and some minimal techno, and very few vocals samples, as in “Growing Forehead”.

This is one of my favorite tracks off this album, being perfectly led in by the lush opener “Four Legged”. It features the use of water and breathing samples over a first bubbling, then sparkling synth line, before Nicki Halmos’ few vocals set in to lift it off the ground. The following two tracks lead away from the chill and into a steady bass rhythm, without losing the warm synths though. The album loses a bit of its focus in the hectic changes of the second half after the interlude, but “Ballibat” is another stellar track to get lost in. Kompakt apparently runs a strict legal department, as it hard to find songs to present to you other than those they want out there. But they too seem to like the first half of “Tipped Bowls” better, so here is another track called “Lo Ng”, for you to enjoy.


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