Best Remix: Lemonade "Softkiss"

Lemonade is a very interesting band. I can’t pin them down, and so can’t their record label True Panther. After stating that the band found their electronic pop sound on their second LP “Diver” this year, they go on desribing it as swimming in “early 90′s R&B, UK 2-step Garage, Balearic house and NY freestyle to ’80s pop-rock nostalgia, wispy new age, boy-band innocence, and synth-driven Euro-trance”. All those sounds can be a bit much, as is the case on the album’s closer “Softkiss”.

Bristol producer Hyetal disentangles this sound by reducing it to the UK dubstep elements that were already underlying all the other stuff in Lemonade’s track. He adds next to nothing to the track, but merely substracts stuff, thus freeing and focusing the song. It loses a bit of it’s pop appeal along the way, but I dont mind that at all. The old lesson learned here again is that sometimes, less is more.


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