Best Remix: LOL Boys "Changes"

You know I am a big fan of LOL Boys, as I wrote in previous posts. I was a bit disappointed by their recent EP, so now I am posting everything else but a review of it, for example its title track and its remixes. Changes is one of the more interesting tracks on the EP, a jazzy, relaxed song with heavily autotuned vocals by the hiphop duo Heart Streets. This song, as well as the whole EP is really nice, but it lacks the cultural references that were making LOL Boys earlier tunes and remixes so hilarious.

But while the EP itself is a new beginning – a blank slate, so to speak – others work to color it in different styles. The last track on the EP is a Changes remix by another FoF Music artist, LA’s Shlohmo aka Henry Laufer. He is stripping the song of its jazz and putting it in his very own trip hop box, and the remix is dope, because everything Shlohmo does usually is. But it does not work for me the way the original does. First because it robs the song of it’s unique selling point, second because it sounds like everything else Shlohmo does. But most of all, the high pitched vocals simply need a faster pace.

This becomes all the more obvious once you listen to the remix Star Slinger published yesterday. Darren Williams is one of the most talented remixers out there at the moment, and although he is a trip hop artist too, his style is much more upbeat, faster and varied than Shlohmo’s. It still isn’t the best the track the raw material has to offer, I feel, so let us hope that we will see more remixes of Changes in the future. Maybe one of them will realize the tracks full potential.


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