Artist of the Week: Todd Terje

Norwegian DJ and self proclaimed nerd “Todd” Terje Olsen put out a track at the beginning of the year that put him on the radar of many blogs and disco DJs out there. Inspector Norse is the “hit” off of his “It’s the Arps” EP, produced solely on a seventies analogue synthesizer ARP2600. He studied some physics along with music, so I guess he knows his waves and frequencies. He even interviews other, more nerdy musicians for his blog. Inspector Norse, below, is very intuitive and accessible nonetheless. And it’s dancey!

But Terje is no new kid on the scene. He put out some tracks a few years ago, and has been doing remix work and DJing since then. His first track to attract some attention was “Eurodanse” back in 2004, which already displays all the disco tricks he uses on his more recent tracks. He himself said it was more of an accident that he releases original tracks again, after five years of working with other people’s music. A friend just wouldn’t stop asking about one track he was working on in his spare time.

When he finally resurfaced last year, “Snooze 4 Love” was the track that kicked his newly spawned popularity off. And although he apparently plays house and techno tracks at his DJ gigs as well, his original tracks all feature pure synth driven disco. In a recent interview he said: “I wish I could make something completely new, but I don’t. I always make the same stuff.” But that he does so well.


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