Upcoming Release Alert: How To Dress Well "Total Loss"

I don’t think there has been a release I have been looking forward to as much this year as to How To Dress Well’s (HTDW) “Total Loss”, out on my favorite label Acephalè on September 18th. It was announced months and months ago – just to torture me, I think. New York experimental R&B artist Tom Krell creates beautiful chill soundscapes out of 90ies R&B influences, always on the brink of kitsch, but firmly rooted in his ethereal vocals. A first song from that album was pre-released in May.

Now there is a second track out, not from the regular release but from the 7″ Deluxe Package. It is a cover of Janet Jackson’s Again from 1993, one of her most schmaltzy ballads. That was the time Janet had completely turned MTV, and it is one of those songs I remember to have liked with a guilty conscience. HTDW celebrates it with as much confidence as he always does, freeing me of my guilt and helping me to reevaluate this part of my musical past. Maybe it does the same for you. Because it is past time that happens, you know. Now I have one more month to melt away in anticipation for this record while listing to this cover.


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