Talented: ARCHIBALD!, Neonfaith, nknwn

Young artists have begun to share their tracks with us, either by sending us an e-mail or by sharing their tracks with me on soundcloud. We are very flattered by it and want to repay them by presenting some of the tracks that caught our ear under the “Talented” tag from now on. Some of those artists have only put out a few tracks, others have first EPs online – but I won’t be able to tell you much about the artists, apart from what they told us and what sparse information I found about them on the internet. But this way, the tracks have the space to speak for themselves. If you like what you hear, tell them so on their soundclouds – as the tracks are mostly free, pay them with compliments instead!

ARCHIBALD! recently started making chill post-dubstep tracks with chopped-up modulated vocals and a usual mix of deep bass and irregular beats. He is a nineteen year old kid from Nashville, TN, and so it isn’t too far fetched for him to reference xxyyxx as an influence. While a bit formulaic at times, his productions are great and show a lot of promise in composition and mood. His older tracks are mostly in the brostep department, but we all have to start somewhere, I guess.

Neonfaith is a Brooklyn trio and apparently successfully working the blogoshere with their new track “Tied Together” right now. They have only two tracks out so far, but both feature intense female vocals and some interesting electronic builds. And both start out a bit slow and compromising, while become amazing at the very end. I like the older track “Escape” better though, it being more out there, you know.

And finally there is nknwn, about whom I can tell you nothing. This is part of the concept, I guess, as he has no pic, no name, and not even track titles on his uploads. He shared his latest track with me recently – called “012”, as it is his 12th soundcloud upload. What I can tell you is that he is a very talented beatmaker and sampling artist with a large range of ideas and styles, and that he regularly puts up new interesting tracks. He is learning fast! My favorite is “009”, with a mellow piano sample, clapping and distorted vocals.

So keep the tracks coming, guys! Either by mail or by soundcloud, or by visiting our turntable.fm room on tuesdays between 11am and 6pm EST. There, you can present them to all of us in person and chat with us about music in general and your music in particular.


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