First Listen: Ryan Hemsworth "Last Words"

Goddammit, this year has reached it’s peak in quality music releases. There is so much good stuff coming out right now, I can’t keep up! But I won’t miss out on one of this years highlights for the open-minded, beatlovers out there: The “Last Words” EP of mix- and mashup-artist Ryan Hemsworth dropped this week. So far best known for his remixes of Grimes and Frank Ocean, to name some, he has now outdone himself on this release. Featuring five original tracks, it is out on WEDIDIT now. Although – original tracks is the wrong word, as he is shamelessly plundering the music world, taking the best and turning it into something even more awesome.

I don’t recognize all of the samples he uses and distorts, but the ones on his second track “Colour & Movement” I got for sure, as those are The Notwist and Elliot Smith, heroes of my indie past. He takes “Consequence” and “Everything Means Nothing to Me” and turns them into tunes of his own as well as our electronic present. And then there is the now mandatory Shlohmo remix of his track of course – one of four remixes included on the EP – twisting everything around once more.

The Supreme Cuts remix of “Overthinking” even does one better, turning the chill track into a bleepy blast of bliss. As you can see, I am smitten by this album, as it got me totally off guard. “Last Words” revels in the endless connections and possibilities of contemporary beatmaking and feels so RIGHT NOW. Get it while it’s hot!


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