Artist of the Week: El Perro Del Mar

As we all know, Sweden has been giving the world many great pop singers through the decades and El Perro Del Mar aka Sarah Assbring from Gothenburg is fully in line with this tradition. Like many other Swedish acts she has absolutely no fear of radio pop, but like Lykke Li or Jens Lekman – two sometime collaborators of hers – manages to confidently walk the line between accessible and interesting. Her newest album “Pale Fire” is due out November 12th, and a first track has been posted on her soundcloud, so I take this opportunity to introduce them to you. Just in case you missed her so far.

Assbring is making music under this moniker since 2005, and she has changed with the general shifts in indie music. From lo-fi to 60ies pop to synths, she has played the field. What didn’t change was her intense, strong voice and a feel for the right melody. What she does isn’t always the most innovative sound, but it always is beautiful and full of those little tensions that hold your attention. Below is the best track from her 2006 self titled album, a sweet but sad little tune reminiscent of sixties girl pop.

Her biggest “hit” and still most gorgeous song is “Change of Heart” from her 2009 album “Love Is Not Pop”. Laid back and with a smooth groove, the track carries her voice through five constant minutes of bliss. Her new track treads on the same tracks, so I have high hopes that we will find more of this on the upcoming album. Or she will change her style again, but it will still be awesome.


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