Track Love: Elite Gymnastics "Andreja 4-Ever"

Elite Gymnastics is my most favorite of bands out there at the moment. Although unfortunately, they aren’t a band anymore, as Josh Clancy left the project and James Brooks is going on alone. Brooks just released a new song called “Andreja 4-Ever” at the Adult Swim Singles Program, and it is a bit different than the last album-of-the-year-contender RUIN series. It is more like a sweet awkward ballad, on first hand “about missing someone”, as Larry Fitzmaurice wrote on Pitchfork. And of course it is, but in a completely different way than Fitzmaurice might suspect.

On his extensive band tumblr, as well as his personal tumblr, Brooks elaborates on this and says that the song is about Andrea Dworkin, a 70ies and 80ies radical feminist and author of books on rape and male sexual dominance. Brooks is a big fan of hers and this song is a political statement as well as a declaration of love to her ideas. Knowing this, I feel like the song radiates a weird mixture of romantic nostalgia and sexual insecurity on his side, and in my opinion this makes this song all that more touching.

Musically, the track points to the radical change we are going to have to expect from Elite Gymnastics on the next album. Brooks posted on this tumblr about “Andreja 4-Ever” that “the new song that is coming out in a couple of weeks is sort of like a halfway point between the ruin stuff and the new stuff, it’s like, notably different from the ruin stuff but still recognizable. the new new stuff is like, VERY different, much more feminine and melodic, much less fuzzy and mumbly, still very sad and weird”.


One comment on “Track Love: Elite Gymnastics "Andreja 4-Ever"

  1. […] can say is that with this new EP, James has made a pretty personal statement in line with the track Andreja 4-Ever, which he put out last year and which was honoring the feminist Andrea Dworkin. His language is […]

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