Artist of the Week: Cosmonaut Gretchko

Georgy Gretchko is a retired Soviet cosmonaut, age 81. He was in space three times between ’75 and ’85, was decorated multiple times, and he seems be to be a swell bloke. His hobbies are skiing, fishing, motor sports and collecting stamps. No music, so this can’t be our guy. Oh, right, we are talking about the other Cosmanaut Gretchko, real name Victor Klyuchnikov, and only 20 year of age. I doubt he will ever make it into space, but he produces electronic music that might as well elevate him to hero status and get him decorated with some awards at some time. Close enough.

I don’t know why he chose to publish his music under this moniker, but I like it. He is one of the exotic Russians in the lush electronic scene, attracting attention with house remixes and his own dreamy but dancey tracks. And he is a busy bee, uploading a lot of his tracks on Soundcloud, culminating to 79 entries in two years – so I have the luxury of selecting the best to present to you for a change. Above is his most recent remix of Scotland producer Chris Cowie, and here is another, older one which caught not only my ear. I posted another song by him earlier on this blog, you can find it here.

While his style certainly doesn’t present anything new, it is instantly recognizable, featuring perfectly harmonized lush house tunes that do work in a club as well as at home on your headphones. Very much in line with the classic french house tradition he hits the pop hard, without ever letting it seem to be much of an effort or struggle. His own material is often even softer than his remixes, bordering on chill. Listen to two of those below, or head over to his Soundcloud page to have his full body of work at your disposal, including his two EPs “All The Time” and “Alaska 2100”. A lot of it is free for download, too.


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