Best Remix: My Morning Jacket "Outta My System"

Dave Sitek has been busy this summer. Not only is he the excellent guitarist and founding member of TV On the Radio, but he’s been collaborating and remixing like a madman with great artists like Norah Jones, Alt-J, and even Usher. However, my favorite remix has been Sitek’s contribution to My Morning Jacket’s new EP titled “Outta My System – Remixez y Friendz.” The track starts out soft and is layered with beats and bass that builds to a frenetic climax syncing perfectly with Jim James wailing, “You knew it all along but never made it clear.”

Also featured on the EP is chillwave virtuoso Ernest Greene’s (AKA Washed Out) take on the same track. However, Greene takes a different route altogether by subduing the sound, limiting the lyrics and peppering in voice over interludes about belief and insight. It gives the track a pleasant dreamy feel.


One comment on “Best Remix: My Morning Jacket "Outta My System"

  1. Qbertplaya says:

    Ooh, I haven't heard this one yet. Groovy!

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