Artist of the Week: Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick like to restrain themselves to gain more freedom. As paradoxical as that sounds, it makes sense once you think about the endless possibilities musical instruments have to offer, especially if you have ten of them on stage, as they have now. It is not the freedom from something, but the freedom to something, more precisely the freedom to make techno with classical instruments. The three German musicians are classically trained, but firmly rooted in the Berlin techno scene, playing gigs at Berghain as well as at classic festivals.

I saw them at the Berlin Festival last weekend, where they did two sets, one with their ensemble at daytime, and one as some sort of live DJs at night. They began their special kind of techno in the club in 2009, but are now more and more moving out of it, into the open and into the day. Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer know each other from school jazz bands, whereas the older Paul Frick joined them later to put out two albums on !K7 and a number of EPs so far. Their approach is similar to The Whitest Boy Alive, but their sound even more restrained – and according to the above logic, more free that way.

In the video to the older track “Bop” they show how most of their sounds are recorded acousticly, and why they need a whole ensemble to reproduce this sound live. The minimal but precise execution reminds of Kraftwerk, as well as the cold and distant demeanor in the video. So nevermind their first and last minute attempt at comedy – they take their music seriously, and so should you.


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