Talented: UMA / Sir Deckster / Mari Posa

An all continental European “Talented” post is coming up: Germany, Belgium, France. That wasn’t my intent or purpose, but from the mails and shared soundclouds we got, those fit my taste in  experimental and atmospheric electronic and had the production value to sustain it’s grip. And all in all, the coverage of US or UK acts is pretty solid on this blog, so please forgive me for neglecting them this time. But they are all very much US influenced and I snuck in an American at the end, as you’ll see.

First off is UMA from Berlin, an experimental chill duo – and couple – that are fortunate in having the opportunity to work with some US veterans from the experimental electronics scene: One song on their EP Drop Your Soul features Simeon from Silver Apples, and they will support Dan Deacon at his Berlin show next week. Ella’s lush reverb-heavy vocals over experimental soundcapes are reminding me a lot of  hyped L.A. artist Julia Holter. UMA hit the bass a bit harder from time to time, but they have the same talent of keeping you engaged with and alienated from their music at the same time.

Sir Deckster is young electronic producer Miguel Fernandez from Brussels. His laid back electronic style works great with female vocalists, like Mari Posa, featured below. Their cooperation on “Rewind Me Up” is quite beautiful, and while his style isn’t anything new, he does execute it superbly. I am looking forward to his first EP, which he apparently is working on right now.

Trapped by that voice, I ventured further into Mari Posa’s own music, and discovered that she is Paris based singer Marie Papillon, and that she put out her digital debut EP “Royaume a Stockholm” on Yuk-Fü Records last year. But what’s more, no other than Mike Simonetti – co-founder of New York label Italians Do It Better – remixed the title track. The remix is done in his synth-heavy soundscape style, and it makes Mari Posa’s vocals sound even cooler and sexier.


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