Best Remix: Ultraísta "Smalltalk"

At the beginning of the summer I was intrigued to learn about legendary producer Nigel Godrich forming a new band called Ultraísta that would include Atoms for Peace band mate/multi-instrumentalist/producer Joey Waronker and pop vocalist Laura Bettinson (AKA Femme). Thanks to some great tracks released via their soundcloud page, I’m now counting down the days eagerly awaiting their self-titled debut album. “Smalltalk,” the first of these tracks to be released, contains a beautiful layering of just a few elements of sound with some lovely synths, a poppy beat and anchored by the mantra-like structuring of Bettinson’s vocals.

Another reason I’m excited for this album release is that the bonus track version will include a Four Tet and Matthew Dear remix of Smalltalk. While I can’t speak about the Matthew Dear version, Four Tet’s remix is an excellent counterpoint to the original. Instead of layering the elements Four Tet proceeds to slowly introduce each one as the track begins and then plays with the structure. Sometimes letting one element stand alone and other times layering them all on top of each other. One of my favorites is how he slowly distorts Bettinson’s vocals until they become assimilated with the beat. Take a listen. I plan to update once I find the Dear version.


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