Upcoming Release Alert: Tim Hecker / Daniel Lopatin "Instrumental Tourist"

The prominent experimental sound artists Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never have joined forces and will be putting out an album called “Instrumental Tourist” on Lopatin’s Label Software on November 20th. It is deemed to be the first in a series of releases dedicated to artist collaborations. Along with the announcement comes a first song “Uptown Psychedelica”, below.

Both Hecker’s “Ravedeath 1972” and Lopatin’s “Replica” were praised by the critics last year, being challenging but emersive listens. They are mostly working with looped ambient sounds, droned out distortion and irregural clicks/cuts interspersed with fragile melodies. Though “Instrumental Tourist” seems more accessible than OPN’s other work – his split LP with Jeff Witcher aka Rene Hell for instance, out this week – it surely is heady stuff. But even if you normally aren’t into noise, give it a try and let the atmosphere engulf you. I promise, it is rewarding in its very own way.


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