Best Video: Fort Fairfield "Danziger Straße"

Sometimes it doesn’t take very much to actually make you feel alive. Like stopping in the routine of your daily chores – say, at the lively crossing at Danziger Straße in Berlin – and look at the things going on around you. There is nothing spectacular happening, only the day to day traffic you have learned to ignore. But from time to time you just got to pay attention to the small stuff, be introspective and observant for a few minutes, and listen to some cute minimal tunes.

Swedish electronic duo Fort Fairfield will be releasing their LP “Straw Boys” soon, and made a DIY video to promote one of their pre-released singles called “Danziger Straße”. It perfectly fits the song, which is nothing big either, but your calm and common understatement electronic track. If I collected the breadcrumbs of information on them out there correctly, they are two brothers by the names of John and Tom Lück from Jönköping, and have put out some stuff already. They must have visited Berlin recently, because the observer in the video is one of the brothers, I think. So please stop in your stroll around the internet for now and look at some cars and people with him.


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