First Listen: Flying Lotus "Until The Quiet Comes"

Innovative beatmaker Flying Lotus (“FlyLo”) is firing up the campaign accompanying his newest release “Until The Quiet Comes”, out on Warp on October 2nd. We were only able to listen to a few snippets or to watch in a short film until recently, but there now is a first video on Youtube, “Putty Boy Strut”, (starring cute robots) and a website for you to play around with. The media is all linked below. Good thing he heats up the pre-release hype, because the album leaked yesterday.

Flying Lotus – Small Moments (Until The Quiet Comes previews) from Warp Records on Vimeo.

After having listened to the fractured previews before, the first thing to note now that the album is “out” is that it itself is made up of a lot of short tracks again, just like his previous LPs. Sometimes seeming to produce more sound studies that your regular song, FlyLo, real name Steven Ellison, is using the known mixture of hiphop beats, jazzy and ambient sounds and electronic bleeps again, combining them in different ways and creating different shades of awesome. He is making the same thing he has done before and which has brought him the reputation and fame he is having right now.

The problem is, the world hasn’t stood still in the last years, and with the idolization came the copycats. A lot of new producers are imitating him, and I can’t help but feel like I heard most of “Until The Quiet Comes” before. Maybe not as sophisticated as here, maybe not as elegant, but still – most sounds are familiar somehow. The short song format surely doesn’t help very much, making the album a bit random and ecclectic.

Additionally, with Clams Casino last year, and Ryan Hemsworth now, there are hiphop producers out there that have updated and intensified the bass sound. And they slowed it down. Compared to them, Flying Lotus is packing much less punch and his tunes seem hectic and leveled – in a chill way, of course. I had to concentrate to stay focussed on his tunes, which can be the mark of a good ambient record, but I suspect that my failure to stay interested all the way through was due to a lack of innovation on FlyLo’s side.

His melodic skills are top notch again though, and listening to the album repeatedly, you recognize the more prominent beat patterns, as on “Getting There” or “Putty Boy Strut”. There are good ideas and good execution aplenty, and it adds up to a good album. Most of the tracks are great on its own, but all of them in one place make a bit of a bumpy ride, and in the end, “Until The Quiet Comes” is less than its parts. Nonetheless, it is pretty enjoyable, and will get a lot of attention, I am sure.


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