Live Bloops: Shigeto / Seams @Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

With the Club Gretchen approaching its one year anniversary, it hosted a thursday evening with Seams and Shigeto. Seams, who was previously covered on this blog, is UK artist Jami Welch, while Shigeto is L.A. beatmaker Zachary Saginaw, releasing on Ghostly International. Both are a neat fit, making intelligent, relaxed electronic tracks for some years. The Gretchen wasn’t filled to capacity, which may have been a tribute to it being a weekday night. Because regardless of what you may have heard, we don’t always party every night, not even here. So the setting was intimate, and the venue with its pillars and lush atmosphere was supported by abstract visuals.

Shigeto played first, due to the early time more a concert than a club gig, with people attentively watching instead of dancing at first. He started his set off slow, too, as to pick the audience off where they were, his tunes somewhere between clicks and bleeps with strong hiphop influences. His set really took off when he got on the drums though. Saginaw is a jazz trained drummer, and so he accompanies his looped electronic ambient sounds on a live drum set. He so not only provides a show, but this way puts that bit of extra punch to his tracks in a live setting. Closing with a few new, complex tracks, his set was diverse, well structured and really interesting.

Seams afterwards played more for the floor, which had gotten even less crowded after Shigeto left the stage. Welch had his laptop, synth and controller next to the DJ equipment and put out nice dancey tunes, holding back the bass a bit, but hitting the beats accurately and building the melodies known from his records. The set seemed a bit functional after the virtuosity of Shigeto’s drum patterns, but it worked very well indeed. And to be fair, his equipment fits in a tote bag, in which he actually put it, after his set.


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