Best Remix: Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Being off on vacation – or simply a one week hiatus – is sometimes neccessary and restorative. But coming back to where you left you find yourself drowning in e-mails or news – or in this case, music. There have been some very nice remixes released last week, like this quality-as-always Gold Panda remix of FaltyDL, or CFCF mashing up the late LOL Boys’ “Changes” with Bruce Hornsby’s 1986 smash hit “The Way It Is”. But in the end, Blackbird Blackbird won the race of being featured here.

Most of the time, I don’t really appreciate Mikey Maramag’s sounds too much. They are nice, but oftentimes a bit too radio mellow for me. Taking Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” though, he presents his best work so far: Present, dry, and to the point, his snaps, beats and synths have never been more touching. The pitched and reverbed vocals float above those and make for a great juxtaposition.

The track does stand on it’s own though and does not need the original for reference, as it is so very much altered that it barely relates, and whatever reminds of the 2009 hit hurts the track more than it helps it. So if you don’t remember it or, like me, never heard it back then because you really never turn on the radio – don’t start to bother now. Blackbird Blackbird will release his “Boracay Planet” EP at Lavish Habits on October 16th.


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