Artist of the Week: Recycle Culture

This is a bit of an awkward Artist of the Week post, I have to admit. Normally, we use this format to look back on an artist and write some bio on him, but this week, it is all about the music. The reason is, the producer behind the moniker Recycle Culture is quite private about his personal info, and we respect that, of course. But the new remixes he has posted on his tumblr are too good an opportunity not to feature him and post the new and the older tracks he worked on. Old is relative, because he has only become active at the end of last year, reworking Julianna Barwick’s “The Magic Place”. It wasn’t on soundcloud yet, so I am hosting it there myself.

As you can hear, Recycle Culture injects a good portion of trace/rave spirit into his remixes. The mixture of uplifting and relaxing – that trance does so well – is prominent on all of his tracks, or on his best at least. He first caught my ear with his remix of Korallreven’s “Sa Sa Samoa”, to be found on their remix EP on Acéphale Records, again featuring Barwick. After a slow intro reminiscent of the original, he again brings out the 90ies rave synths.

But his best track to date – as far as I am concerned – is his remix of Elite Gymnastics “Minneapolis Belongs to You”, which was released on the fourth part of their Ruin EP series, again on Acéphale. The source material is great, and we are coming close to the point where every artist that ever remixed Eltie Gymnastics was featured on this blog, but Recycle Culture’s vibrant synths combined with the dark bass make his version a favorite of mine. It comes along with a video displaying and celebrating rave culture, too.

So where is our ominous producer now? He just published reworks of Chromatic’s “These Streets Will Never Look The Same” – which doesn’t add too much to the original – and a great version of The xx’s “Chained” – which does, and is much more interesting than everything The xx themselves put out this year, if you ask me. And he says he is about to release some originals in the near future, possibly along with some personal information. We will keep you in the loop.


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