Best Remix: John Talabot "When The Past Was Present"

The Munich label Permanent Vacation is about to release the first volume of remixes of John Talabot’s superb album “fIN” from earlier this year. It will be a 12″ and 10″ vinyl edition featuring three colour coded takes of “When The Past Was Present” by the German duo Pachanga Boys (Superpitcher and Rebolledo) as well as remixes by Kenton Slash Demon and Bullion. They pre-released two tracks, both deserving your attention. While you can listen to Kenton Slash Demon taking Last Land into a pop and bass direction here, Pachanga Boys’ remix gets my full approval and coverage.

They take the dancefloor-ready track, cut out most of the vocals and give it a little extra sophistication. Not that Talabot would lack that, but the remix is developing a bit slower, and more subtle, exchanging claps for dry and hypnotic/metronomic cowbells. These guys know how to develop a build that sucks you in. The album isn’t available in its entirety online yet, but as Resident Advisor tells it, the blue and red versions will be further from the original.


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