Talented: Michael Jukeson / The Dualies / 2ØXX

It has been some time since we last presented talented new artists that wrote to us – and that’s a shame, because they deserve our support. As this blog grows in it’s reach we get more and more invites to listen to tracks, and so I had quite a range of upcoming bands or producers to choose from to recommend to you. The selection I made is completely subjective and a slave to my taste as well as the profile of our blog of course – and retro gaming related, this time. As always, I don’t know much about the artists, but just let the music speak for itself.

First off is NYC’s Michael Jukeson, who has made an awesome multi-layered three piece 8bit and drum set he called “Understanding What You See”. He created it with the idea in mind that it “might serve as the backdrop for some retro tropical/underwater love story” and as a change to the work on his full length release. In contrast to the rest of his tracks, these three here are downright ecstatic, but equally experimental and challenging. You can see him live in Brooklyn tomorrow.

If Jukeson is too exhausting for you, you might want to take a listen to a band from the other side of the US – Oakland, CA. The Dualies are using 8bit sounds as well, but frame them more conservatively in a pop structure. While a bit too sweet on their older stuff, they made a move to the darker side on their new track “// Pastel Ghost //”, and it serves them very well. The formula of reverbed vocals, a steady bass and sweet melody intersections places them in the shoegaze corner, but the harder beat and the 8bit appeal give them a nice edge.

The most interesting and most mystical of the artists presented today are 2ØXX though. Staying in the retro game sphere – they named their set after the 1990 NES game 3D Orb – these guys present bleeping sounds which will haunt you for a long time. I don’t know in which way they may be affiliated to ROMCOM, whom I have posted about enthusiastically before – but they put a bonus track for him on their set, which you can listen to below their video for the title track. The whole thing seems to be part of an internet art project in connection with ░▒▓マインドCTRL▓▒░.

2ØXX – “3D_ØRB” from 2ØXX on Vimeo.

They sent a cryptic message out to the world, but I wouldn’t believe a word of it even if I understood what they were trying to say: “Hello and Welcome from Chiba City 2ØXX. Please to enable the new streaming “3D_ØRB,” your allocation prior to distribution. To disable patterns of hurricane violence we are recommend to execute data in moving weighted vehicle. Fidelity tested intact under wind speeds from 205 mph. 2ØXX 3D_ØRB is for multiple operating system. For contacting technical support you are reaching 3dimensionalorb@gmail.com.”


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