Live Bloops: Young Montana? / Hudson Mohawke @Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

Been at Gretchen again, at another UK bass music event. Young Montana? aka Jon Pritchard is originally from Coventry, but moved to Berlin recently, it seems – as this is what he posted on his Facebook: “first show as a resident of Berlin, who wants to see a 3 hour techno set?? just kidding..” He actually ended up playing a one hour frickly bass and sample set, as was to be expected from him. Unfortunately he sometimes lost himself in his music, and didn’t always take me with him, as his beats didn’t have the punch nor the virtuosity I was hoping for. Especially with Hudson Mohawke on the ticket, I was a bit underwhelmed by his support act, I have to admit.

But Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) was no let down afterwards. The Scottish Warp/Lucky Me artist was taking risks in using a three track soul/drone intro period before dropping the first hard bass lines, was changing the tempo a lot during the set later on and played experimental interludes every now and then. But every time I thought “Well this is really interesting, but now let me bounce again, please”, that was exactly what happened. It was what intelligent hip hop/bass music should sound and feel like.


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