Best Remix: Thomas Barfod "November Skies"

Top 2012 L.A. label Friends of Friends are giving Whomadewho drummer Thomas Barfod’s beautiful “November Skies” the same treatment as LOL Boys’ “Changes” got recently: A high profile remix EP, out November 26th – just in time for the title’s skies, perhaps. The original song was released on his Salton Sea LP earlier this year and has been in our ears ever since.

The EP features remixes by Nite Jewel, Touchy Mob and Sekuoia as well as one by Sepalcure, which was pre-released last week. New York bass duo Sepalcure made quite a splash with their debut album last year, and here they mix some harder UK bass breaks below the vocals and the minimal remnants of the melody, while in the end letting the track drift into a dub section altogether.

Yesterday though the contribution of the very busy Jerome LOL went online and elevated the track to a new level. We are used to Jerome always delivering quality work – like his recent edit of Rihanna’s Diamonds – but this track may be the one that will finally allow me to get over the breakup of the LOL Boys duo a few months ago. He adds just enough of his trademark dry beats, and the high-pitching of Nina Kinert’s vocals is bringing the extra weirdness to the sometimes too lush original track. With this remix, Jerome LOL is claiming one of the top spots on the list of the best remix artists of 2012.


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