Upcoming Release Alert: Memory Tapes "Grace/Confusion"

It won’t be long now until Dayve Hawk (alias Memory Tapes) will release his third album “Grace/Confusion”, and he is turning up the heat. After sharing a second track from the album recently (“Neighborhood Watch”, below), he now put another rarites, B-sides and remix collage on his Soundcloud. The “Displaced Mix” is more lively than the mix he shared last month, and further leads the way the two singles showed before, and that is, that the upcoming album could get louder than his previous albums.

For those not familiar with Memory Tapes, let me recap that Hawk’s previous longplayers Seek Magic (2009) and Player Piano (2011) were full of sometimes laid back, sometimes playful electronic intimacy, albeit with a little too much naivity from time to time. His music seems to have matured though, and his palette of sounds has gotten richer. This mix is another testimonial of that, so listen to it below and don’t miss the great Tame Impala remix he hid at 10.53 mins. (EDIT: The “Displaced” Mix had to be taken down. It was replaced by, well, “Replaced”.) “Grace/Confusion” will be out on Carpark on December 4th and my expectations are pretty high now.


One comment on “Upcoming Release Alert: Memory Tapes "Grace/Confusion"

  1. sorry everyone, i was forced to take down the "Displaced" mix… not my idea. (Tweet by @memorytapes yesterday) Damn copyright bourgeoisie!

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