First Listen: Nosaj Thing "Home"

L.A.’s Nosaj Thing is due to release his sophomore album “Home” on January 20/21/22nd, and it turned out to be pretty mellow. Born Jason Chung had his debut “Drift” out in 2009, and it received quite positive critical acclaim back then. While “Drift” took him on a journey some place away from his sounds as a hiphop producer and towards crisp UK dubstep sounds, he still kind of remained in the same zip code. This time though, he made more of a beat-oriented chill pop record, as I would classify it. His collaboration with Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead on “Ecplipse/Blue” is the peak of this development, but the rest of the new material falls into the same category.

It is a records that you will have to slow down for to really appreciate. Etheral, rich, melodic, sometimes playful, cohesive – those are adjectives that come to my mind. The hardness is gone, and a collaboration with Toro Y Moi on the latter half of the album is only too fitting. We can’t post it,  because it hasn’t been released yet, but there is another track pre-released: “Snap” presents some of the most lively and driving beats on the record, enveloped in an ever present synth line.

“Home” is just that – an album for at home. A place to feel warm and secure, and to let your thoughts drift to different places, without actually going somewhere new. But after a whole listen you are thoroughly in tune with Nosaj Thing’s vibe and when “Phase III” starts – my personal album highlight – I could not help but feel somehow fulfilled and a bit sad about this little recluse coming to an end soon. The album will be released on Innovative Leisure, but has leaked recently.


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