First Listen: Gold Panda "Trust EP"

Gold Panda just put up a fresh 4-track EP on his Soundcloud, to be released via Ghostly International and his NOTOWN label on March 4th. Of course it is hypnotic and beautiful as always, with a short weird intro, a jazz infused title track “Trust” and claps and bleeps on the third. The fourth track maybe the best on this little gem, with a beautiful melody floating over some laid back interference.

The EP is hopefully kicking off a golden year for our favorite panda, if you excuse the pun, with an LP following later on. As Derwin says on his homepage, the new material is more minimal than his older material: “I think I’ve stripped out a layer of my music since lucky shiner, maybe it was feeling too cluttered, I think these tracks and the tracks for the new album have more space, but don’t feel empty.” He didn’t permit the stream to be embedded, so you will have to head over to this Soundcloud to listen to it. But it is worth the extra click anytime.


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