Best Remix: Young Galaxy "Pretty Boy" (Peaking Lights Remix)

Canadian synth/dream pop band Young Galaxy’s first teaser single off their new album got a luxurious remix by Peaking Lights, and they pretty much improved everything on it. I am really looking forward to the new YG album, but “Pretty Boy” wasn’t the material I had hoped for – and still am hoping for after their fantastic “Shapeshifting” from 2011. But this track was too direct, too static and a bit boring, measured by their past weirdness standards.

Luckily, our favorite psych pop duo thought the same, and did something about it. After working their magic in the track, it still starts out at the same source, but very soon meanders and flows all over the place. It is a jam session in action, one that breaks up the rigid structure of the original and in the process loosens not only the percussion section, but the listener, too. Young Galaxy’s “Ultramarine” is out on Paper Bag Records on April 23rd.


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