Talented: CIRC / El. Train / White Blush

I can’t keep up with all the music submissions you guys are sending in. But as I promised you –  and myself – that I would listen to each and every one of them, I am lagging behind badly right now and my inbox is exploding. So please excuse if some of these are from way back in December. I know, that is so yesterdays news in this daily music blogging business. But as these artists aren’t too well known yet, hopefully these sounds are still new to you.

I am pretty impressed with the stripped down bleepy beauty Nantes producer CIRC put out recently. While nothing new, he builds his tracks just perfectly – layering different synths and putting dreamy female vocals on top. It all sounds pretty sophisticated without losing its edge. I am very much looking forward to hearing more from the talented François Rousseau.

Luke Nyeke aka El. Train from Brighton takes us along on a post-dubstep ride that nowadays would be best sorted in the mellow end of trap, I guess. He published two EPs in quick succession on his bandcamp page, both of which are built out of pretty solid beats and a hand for setting a mood. It gets the most interesting when he brings out the big guns, like on “All our Love”.

White Blush is the stage name of LA solo artist Carol Rhyu. She published a self-titled synth pop EP with some intense tracks at the end of last year, some of which are weirder and more playful, while others are more immediately accessible, like “Jolene”, below. But all of them are dark and sweet at the same time, with especially the vocals reminding of Grimes or Julia Holter.


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