Talented: The Fucked Up Beat / Michael Lovisa / Lennox.

Music is especially powerful if it hits the mood you are in at the moment of its consumption, and it seems that I am in the mellow zone this week. If you are too, you will enjoy the tunes below. If you are not, then breathe in deeply now, slowly breathe out again and relax. Because this time we have some chill and ambient newcomers to present to you. As always, they are somewhat unknown and I can’t tell you too much about them. But here are the sounds, and my words to them.

The Fucked Up Beat are making “Schizo Noir Trip Hop”, as they call it. Their music is less about the actual song structures or melodic progession, but more about atmosphere and the associations it evokes. They are constructing sound collages out of radio transmissions from the 1930ies and then layering those with slow beats. If you are digging The Caretaker, you might like this too, as it has the same nostalgic flair – though the beats make this appear less “arty”. But it is experimental nonewithstanding, and published under a CC license!

Italian producer Michael Lovisa put out his 3-track debut Empty EP on Digital Lab Records last autumn. It is properly named, basically being made out of minmal synths and lone guitar lines. The combination though is peaceful and beautiful, and if your head wasn’t cleared of thoughts yet, this will do the job. He turns the amp up a bit at the end, so as to get you out of your state of deep relaxation. This is music for power naps, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Lastly, there is “Lennox.” from New York. They have two tracks on their hatchling soundcloud page, one follower, no links and even Google doesn’t know them. Female fronted, they make moody electro-pop ballads. Thats all I can tell you about them. Plus, that this is a great start and that I hope we’ll hear more from them in the future.


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