Album: DJ Koze "Amygdala"

DJ Koze has always been an odd one. After getting out of his funny hip hop phase in the nineties, he turned towards deep house, and although he was building nice melodic tunes, they were too often disturbed by him trying to be funny or weird, incorporating laugh out loud samples or abrupts shifts in gear that ended up being simply annoying. He was like an ADHD kid in a class situation that required a bit of patience, like many deep house tracks do.

Well, he seems to have grown up, or maybe is on the right kind of medication now, because on his new album “Amygdala” – out on his own label Pampa Records on March 26th – he damn straight gets it just right. The runtime of over 80 minutes and average track length of five minutes already hinted at this being a rich, grown up record, and that it is. It is the perfect mixture of deep house and pop.

It may as well be the huge number of collaborations that has kept his concentration up on this release. From Caribou via Apparat to Dirk von Lowtzow – the German Thom Yorke-equivalent (concerning his standing, not his music) – there are some big names on the record. The perfect match turned out to be Matthew Dear though, who appears on two tracks that may well be the best ones on the whole thing. DJ Koze still has his weird moments, but keeps them in check to the point that they only make the tracks more interesting and don’t disrupt the enjoyment of the house elements. He falls back into old habits on the last two tracks, but he shall have his fun too, I say.

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