Live: Nosaj Thing / Letherette @ Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

Gretchen, again. Believe me, I go to other venues in Berlin too, like Berghain (Brand Brauer Frick – good) and Kosmonaut (Danielle Pappini – ok I guess) last week, but the acts that get booked at Gretchen always have the biggest potential and sometimes even realize it, like Nosaj Thing last night. He was lead in by Letherette, a UK duo that didn’t play your typical UK bass sounds, but mostly had a synth disco thing going. They varied their set though, paying with originality and richness for danceability. It worked, but remained functional music.

Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing then put up a very different type of set, creating more of an atmosphere than a beat pattern. Indeed, he seemed to have several different beats going at once most of the time, which was challenging to both body and mind. To the body, because it had to adjust and shift a lot, but then soon was put in a kind of trance. And to the mind, because it just couldn’t come to rest. The combinaton of those two effects felt like being tired and nonetheless unable to sleep due to too many thoughts racing through your head. There was a bit of unease Nosaj Thing’s set, as you can see, but it was a challenge and an experience. It was a good thing that his set ended after one short hour though, because as much as I enjoyed it – when the DJ after him dropped some trap hooks and builds, it was a nice change and release.

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