Live: Memory Waves Festival on Monday, April 8th, 2013

As most of you probably know, this blog is a child of my room with the same name. After the initial  hype in 2011, user numbers on ttfm (as it is know to friends) have stagnated, but they are hosting more and more live events now, which is a great way to get the latest unreleased tracks by artists, chat with them and meet other fans. Just like on any other “real” concert, really. And it pays off for ttfm, as the numbers seem to go up again. A lot of those events are organized by users, too – and one of them is, who has a channel under this address, as well as a ttfm account of course. He is hosting one of the biggest – and definitely the longest – festival on ttfm next week, so I thought I let you guys know about it.

The Memory Waves Festival will feature Ulrich Schnauss, Tycho, Com Truise and many more Synthwave and Chill artists over the course of 12 hours on Monday, all Monday, April 8th. It will take place in the friendly Chill or be Chilled room, which featured lots of original artists in the past already. But this is the biggest thing for them so far. If you have never heard of ttfm before, this is a great chance to try it out: They have guest accounts now, so you don’t even have to register with them if you only want to listen to the music. But it is much more fun if you can chat too, let me tell you. See you there!

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