News: Gold Panda "Half Of Where You Live"

One of the most anticipated albums of 2013 was announced yesterday, together with a teaser track that does not disappoint. Gold Panda’s sophomore album – after his stellar debut “Lucky Shiner” from 2010 – is bound to reflect different cities in the world, and will be more restricted than his first LP. Derwin Schlecker said in the release notes to his “Trust” EP ealier this year that he will be going for more space in his tracks; he now added that he “tried to avoid chopped up female vocals”, so the picture becomes even clearer. Let’s hope his nomadic jumping through cites doesn’t mean “Half Of Where You Live” gets too eclectic.

This first track “Brazil” shows him melodic, playful and hypnotic as always though. The track was written after a visit to Sao Paolo, and is supposed to be the soundtrack to his travel from the airport to the city. “The [vocal] sample is kind of like an excited chant, bigging up the place, then it all gets confusing to replicate the traffic and buildings.” There is definitely happening a lot more on this track than on the “Trust” EP, which had left me a bit unfulfilled. But the whole bleepy potential will unfold when listening to the whole album after its release on Ghostly on June 11th, I am sure. Also, he will be on tour in North America and Europe soon.

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