Album: Valentin Stip "Angst EP"

Valentin Stip is on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown&Sunset label, and that says it all. Just like the master of lush, atmospheric sounds himself, the apprentice Stip is truly adapt in bringing an analogue, bodily feel to his tunes. His claps, snaps and bass “thumps” resonate directly in the eardrums of the listener and thereby invoke a sensation of closeness that is rarely found elsewhere. The master/apprentice wording does not truely fit their reationship though, because while Stip seemed to have taken lessons from Jaar regarding electronic production techniques, Jaar got to learn the classical piano from Stip.

Parisien born Montreal resident Stip now released his second EP “Angst”, a five track beauty of very careful music, on said label. The four originals do not set themselves far apart from his last EP “Anytime Will Do” from 2011. They are still  special sonic experiences. While “Hiathaikm”, which has been around for a year, is still one of the highlights of the EP, the other three tracks – including the title track – don’t fall far off that height. Especially “Nwia” is a beautiful, evolving, living organism of clicks, ambient noise, sax and chopped vocals – one of the best pieces of music Clown&Sunset ever put out. But as with most of Stip’s tracks, you need to take care not so scare it off, as it is a shy, delicate creature. So click with care below.

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