Album: Ryan Hemsworth "Still Awake"

Beatsmith Ryan Hemsworth, who with Last Words had made one of my favorite records of last year, just now released his new EP “Still Awake”, free to download at his website. This EP sees him being calmer and less overclipped/trapped than on his last effort, his many remixes or the productions he did for hip hop artists. It is a downright poppy, bleepy and relaxed small release that warms the heart with its melodies and cute track names like “(。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)” or “track 5 (crashed)”. The single “Perfectly” is on it too, of course – and although it might be the best track on this EP, the whole thing is just great, including the Taquwami remix of said song. If it doesn’t blow you away, then that is only because you got used to the awesome sounds Hemsworth is delivering on a regular basis. Download it via the link above, or listen to it below.

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