Video: Slava "Girl Like Me"

Russian born Brooklyn resident Slava (Balasanov) – not to be confused with trap artist Salva – always had a knack for the weird and the challenging. He was featured on “#Seapunk Volume 1” and this year published his critically acclaimed second album “Raw Solutions”on Daniel Lopatin’s label “Software”. One of the tracks off that album has now received a video treatment by Eugene Kotlyarenko, a director that matches Slava’s weirdness. In the video, Slava’s skipping and stuttering dark beats and the manic female vocal sample accompany two siblings on their incestuous journey, giving the title a whole new meaning. The track as well as the video stutter out of control and into ecstasy and back, holding the balance between the intense and the weird. The video manages doing so without betraying its protagonists and, just like the track, has a strange allure.

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One comment on “Video: Slava "Girl Like Me"

  1. eraserfase says:

    This entire album was amazing, thanks for sharing!

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