Remix: Lindstrøm – Vos-sako-rv (Fred Falke Remix)

Out for a month on Beatport as part of the Smalhans Remix EP, but only quite recently put on Soundcloud: The great remix of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s “Vos-sako-rv” by none other than French House veteran Fred Falke. What a combination! If the original sounded retro, this is super-retro – I would not hesitate calling it Daft Dunk retro. A mixture of late Seventies The Alan Parsons Project and early Eighties Euro Disco – something that probably would not have been cool, say, ten years ago, but is sounding so hip right now. Falke fills the original with cheap sounding synths and a thumping beat, but it is the downtempo bridge that grips my heart with nostalgia. Listen to it below, while I go and put on “I Robot” again.

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